My favorite Juji sampler


Juji shows that he can pull off some of the most difficult tricks.


Try it out!


This is an old backflip tutorial done by the great Jujimufu, creator of

Backflips are cool


Who can possibly dispute that?  It doesn’t matter where you are…  if you jump in the air, flip around, and land with some composure you are going to turn some heads.  Not to say that you wouldn’t get some attention by attempting and landing on your head.  Backflips are awesome and universal.  You don’t have to understand why I am doing a backflip to be entertained by it.  Plus, contrary to popular belief,  it is easy to learn.

Tell me what you think


I have shown you a bit of what I can do, and I showed you one of the best in the business.  Do you want to see some more of my favorite trickers?  If you have any samples of yourself or want to link one of your favorites, please do.  Let me know what you think so far.

Now, let’s see how it’s really done


May I introduce Anis Cheurfa.  He is one of my favorite trickers.  Makes me look like I am moving in slow motion.

Small taste of tricking


This is a tiny sampler from last summer.  I had to do an audio swap so enjoy this new, soothing music.

Tricking??? What is it and where can I learn?


Tricking (Martial Arts Tricking) – a relatively new alternative sports movement combining martial arts and gymnastics to create “an aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists.”  Tricking involves flashy movements from many different arts such as wushu, taekwondo, and capoeira.  Not a form of self-defense, tricking is just for fun.

Thanks to the internet tricking has continued to grow in popularity.  The online tricking community is vast and growing.  Trickers exchange information, ideas, and share their progress through websites, forums, and blogs.  Websites such as have helped to bolster the number of trickers by posting tutorials and guides to help get people started.  I recommend visiting this site if you are interested in tricking.